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Learning Habits

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Do you have good English learning habits? If you live in an English-speaking country, pick one of these and do it every day 10 to 30 minutes for a week or two.


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  • Listen to the news. Listen to local news if you can.
    CBC radio (Canada) - Voice of America news (US) - BBC - Radio Australia - Radio New Zealand
  • Listen to a song and write down the lyrics (words). Choose a song that you like.
  • Read a news article. Short articles keep your interest.
    Google news - CBC - CNN
  • Watch television news and talk like the announcer does. Turn captioning on to read as the announcer speaks.
  • Do a crossword puzzle. Use your brain.
    Crossword puzzles for ESL students
  • Do an exercise online. Learn and practise what you learned.
    Exercises and quizzes
  • Read your child's school book. School books are very good for learning, no matter how old you are.
  • Read a book to your child at bedtime. This habit is especially good for your child.
  • Read the Readers Digest. The articles are short and they have a broad range of topics.
    Readers Digest

Other things to do in the long-term

  • Take an ESL course. (Of course!)
  • Take a hobby course. Cooking is especially good because there is lots of talking and you learn to make good food!
  • Take a high-school or community college course: hospitality, accounting, computers, etc
  • Join a community group: dancing, singing, a community band, etc.
  • Join a sports club: soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, etc.
  • Join the Boy Scouts or Girl Guides as a guide.
  • Go to a library or bookstore and pick up any book that looks interesting.
  • Get a subscription to a magazine.
  • Read books or magazines online.
    Time - MacLean's - Science Magazine - Computer World
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